Three Colours Of Smoke Coming out of a Car Exhaust That are Deadly to the Life of a Car

smoke from exhaust
Three Colours Of Smoke Coming out of a Car Exhaust That are Deadly to the Life of a Car

Three colours of smoke coming out of a car exhaust, that are deadly to the life of a car

There are three colours of smoke that can come from your car exhaust as it ages.  One of the colours of smoke is a sign of bad news and one is not so scary.  As your car ages, you might start to see smoke coming out of the exhaust.  This can be when you first start the car or while driving.  You should not panic when this happens.

Three Colours of Smoke from Exhaust

The three colours of smoke are blue, black and white.  The black smoke coming out of the tailpipe is the most minor colour of the three colours you may see.  This is usually from carbon build up.  If a car has sat around for a while, it will blow out black smoke when the car is started.  Sometimes black smoke can blow out as the sludge builds up in the engine.  Sometimes you will get smoke like this when a car has over 150,000 miles on it.

Black Smoke Coming from Exhaust

Piston rings wearing out will allow some motor oil to mix with the gas.  This will also cause black smoke to come out of the tailpipe.  As the piston rings wear out more, you will get the worst color that you do not want to see.  The color is blue.  This color happens when a car’s piston rings are very worn.  More oil is being burned at this point.  Broken oil rings can cause this.


This is wear and tear, it is time to pay 3000 dollars for an engine rebuild or buy a new car.  A car in this condition will be using up to three quarts of oil every one to two weeks depending on how much the car is driven in that time.  Not changing the oil at the proper mileage times can contribute to a quick decline in the life of the cars engine.

White Smoke Coming from Exhaust

The white color that one may see is antifreeze mixing with the exhaust.  This is just as bad as the blue smoke.  What normally causes this is a cracked cylinder head or blown head gasket.  This can happen if a car has been overheated.  Over heating a car engine can be can cost just as much money as having an engine re-built.

Blue Smoke Coming from Exhaust

Running a car on low coolant can cause this problem along with a stuck thermostat.  An overheated engine can also cause damage to the piston rings because of metal expansion.  A car can have the white smoke first and then the dreaded blue smoke at nearly the same time.  Change the oil at the proper times.  Check the antifreeze at the proper times.   Do not neglect the low coolant light if it comes on.

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