How to Do Parallel Parking

how to parallel park
How to Do Parallel Parking

Parallel parking your vehicle with ease?


Being able to do parallel parking is somewhat of a necessity these days as it’s hard to find a lot of space for parking a vehicle anywhere in the world. If you are not so fond of parallel parking but have to do so every now and then, you should try to perfect the technique. Doing so would allow you to park and remove your vehicle without bothering the pedestrians or other vehicles. Here are some simple steps that would help you to do Parallel Parking of  your vehicle with ease every time you do it.

  • Signal First: When you have chosen the place to Parallel Park your vehicle it would be wise to signal your move to the other vehicle owners who may be on both sides of the road. This would help you to park your vehicle smoothly without bothering about colliding with other vehicles.


  • Look for a spacious option: When you are forced to Parallel Park your vehicle, it would be smart to at least choose a lot of space for the same. Having a few feet between your vehicle and the vehicles parked ahead and behind you would make it easy for all three vehicle owners to remove their vehicles without bumping into their neighboring vehicles.


  • Turn the wheel on time: When you are parking behind a vehicle then you must start turning your steering wheel as soon as you view the rear of the vehicle parked ahead of you. Doing this would allow you to park smoothly and maintain a distance with other vehicle.


  • Move stealthily: When you are going to park your vehicle then it would be wise of you to go about it slowly so that you don’t end up colliding with the vehicles that are parked near your space.


  • Rotate your vehicle nicely: You should use 45O angle to Parallel Park your vehicle so that your vehicle is parked straight and does not bumps into other vehicles when their drivers move it before you.


  • Keep straight: When you are straight with the road you should keep your wheels straight and pull forward to the middle of the space. This step would allow you to park with more efficiency and would save your time.


  • Be alert: It would also be smart to keep your eyes open when you parallel park rather than depending on mirrors. Doing this would assure you that you don’t accidentally bump into another car and cause accidental damage to it while parking your vehicle.
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