G1 License Rules

Ontario G1 License Rules, Requirements and Restrictions

Ontario g1 license rulesFor new drivers, especially with the graduated system in Ontario, it’s imperative to understand all the G1 license rules, requirements and restrictions for G1 motorists to operate a vehicle and keep their license. By failing to adhere to G1 license rules & regulations, you could end up with a suspended license or high fines, especially when compared to a fully licensed driver. Auto insurance companies in Ontario worry about insuring new drivers who already have traffic citations or accidents before completing the Ontario licensing program.

During the waiting period before the G1 test can be taken, G1 drivers have six conditions that must be met in order to advance on to the G2 stage of licensing. This is a provincially mandated 12 month waiting period but can be shortened to 8 months upon completion of a driving class offered by an accredited driving school.

g1 driving license rulesThese are the G1 license rules & conditions for G1 drivers:

  1.  A “zero” BAC, or Blood Alcohol Content, must be maintained at all times while operating a motor vehicle. There are no exceptions to this rule and G1 drivers caught under the influence will face severe penalties
  2. A licensed driver with at least four years of licensed driving experience must be present while a G1 driver is operating a vehicle. They must be sitting in the passenger seat and have a BAC of less than 0.05%.
  3. There can only be one other person in the front seat with a G1 driver at all times – the fully licensed driver with at least four years of driving experience.
  4. There cannot be more passengers in the vehicle than there are functioning seat belts.
  5. People with only a G1 license are not allowed to drive on 400-series highways.
  6. G1 drivers are not allowed to drive between the hours of midnight and 5:00 AM.

There is a single exception to the G1 license rules posted above. G1 drivers are allowed to drive on any road in the province (including 400 series and other major highways) as long as a licensed Ontario driving instructor is present in the passenger seat.

Ontario G1 Written Test Questions

Both a written test and vision test need to be successfully passed before a G1 license can be earned. There are two types of multiple-choice questions that can be found on the written test. The first part of the test begins with written questions and the second part is about visual images and signs. Those who are nervous or would like more help before taking the test can find practice tests and quizzes online. Taking these online practice tests can help you prepare for the test mentally and will ensure you know what to expect.

G1 License Rules FAQ

After getting your G1 license it’s unlikely that you’re knowledgeable on driving, vehicles, and insurance. Here are some relevant questions that will help new G1 drivers get started.

Can I buy a car if I only have my G1 license?

Anyone, at any point, can purchase a vehicle regardless of their license status. However, any vehicle someone with a G1 purchases will not be insured until the G2 license is attained. Contacting your insurance broker before making a purchase is suggested and they will be able to answer any further questions you might have.

Do G1 drivers need car insurance?

If all you have is a G1 license it’s not likely you will be able to get insurance as under the law you are not yet a qualified driver. Until you get your G2 license you are probably covered under your parents insurance policy.

Should the household insurance company be contacted when a G1 licensed driver is added?
Yes – The insurance company should definitely be informed about any new drivers being covered by the current policy. There is typically no extra charge to adding a G1 driver to a household insurance policy. It’s equally important to contact your automotive insurance provided when a G2 license is attained. Since G2 drivers can operate vehicles independently it’s important they are added to any current policies, but remember this might incur a significant cost as your insurance fees will likely rise.

What are demerit points all about?

In Ontario a G1 driver can get six demerit points before their license is suspended. While six might seem like a lot there are underlying issues, which must be mentioned. Demerit points will remain on your license for up to two years after they were received. This means that if you get all six points as a G1 driver you will most likely face suspension if you don’t make any meaningful driving changes. It’s very unlikely that a driver will receive all six-demerit points at once but the more points you accumulate the worse of a driver you appear to be to the government. Getting any demerit points before getting your G2 license results in higher insurance costs and the more demerit points you get the higher your insurance will be. If you do manage to get all six-demerit points and your license suspended before receiving your G2 you can expect a lot of problems finding an automotive insurer.

Follow the G1 License Rules to Successfully Passing Your Test!

If you follow the above G1 license rules you will be on your way to passing your test and keeping your license for a long time. Good luck!

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