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smoke from exhaust
Three Colours Of Smoke Coming out of a Car Exhaust That are Deadly to the Life of a Car

Three colours of smoke coming out of a car exhaust, that are deadly to the life of a car

There are three colours of smoke that can come from your car exhaust as it ages.  One of the colours of smoke is a sign of bad news and one is not so scary.  As your car ages, you might start to see smoke coming out of the exhaust.  This can be when you first start the car or while driving.  You should not panic when this happens.

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winter driving tips
10 Best Winter Driving Tips

“Use These Ten Winter Driving Tips” & Save Your Life!

Winter driving is very dangerous. You have to drive with extra precaution, and watch constantly for other drivers. You need to be prepared.
Read the following “Winter Driving Tips” — Read them, Remember them, and Use them!

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how to parallel park
How to Do Parallel Parking

Parallel parking your vehicle with ease?


Being able to do parallel parking is somewhat of a necessity these days as it’s hard to find a lot of space for parking a vehicle anywhere in the world. If you are not so fond of parallel parking but have to do so every now and then, you should try to perfect the technique. Doing so would allow you to park and remove your vehicle without bothering the pedestrians or other vehicles. Here are some simple steps that would help you to do Parallel Parking of  your vehicle with ease every time you do it.

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Ontario graduated license
All you need to know about G1 license rules

Learning the rules of the road before actually going in for a drive is quite a good choice. This view is supported by the Ontario’s administration that offers a g1 license to new drivers so that they don’t end up being involved in a vehicular accident. When a driver is in the G1 driving period, he or she is expected to follow some simple rules that not only prevent him to make mistakes in driving a vehicle but also helps him or her to be a better driver who follows all the road regulations.

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how to merge with traffic
How to Merge Safely on a Highway

It’s not a surprise to know that many people apparently don’t know how to merge, according to what we see on a daily basis on the highway. Safe merging requires the perfect mixture of both cooperation and courtesy from both drivers.

We’ve devised the best analogy when it comes to merging; the zipper. Consider the merging lanes as a zipper, reducing two lanes to one in an orderly fashion; like the teeth of a zipper coming together.

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