10 Best Winter Driving Tips

winter driving tips
10 Best Winter Driving Tips

“Use These Ten Winter Driving Tips” & Save Your Life!

Winter driving is very dangerous. You have to drive with extra precaution, and watch constantly for other drivers. You need to be prepared.
Read the following “Winter Driving Tips” — Read them, Remember them, and Use them!

  1. The importance of winter tires!

    To ensure your vehicle tires are ready for the wintery roads, all four tires should be changed while the temperature is still above 7 degrees Celsius. Have them balanced and rotated (all four should balance out) They should be checked by a professional to rule out the possibility of any of the steel belting being broken (this will cause the vehicle to pull to one side or the other).
    It matters more in the winter if the vehicle is pulling to one side due to the icy roads. When you are trying to maneuver the vehicle it could mean your life if the vehicle wants to pull a different way than you need it to go. The tires will also affect your breaking distance.

  2. Vehicle windows:
    During the winter months there is more condensation, it makes the inside of your windows frog up even worse with the cold air, especially with snow and/or ice. You should never attempt to drive until the windows on your vehicle are clear enough to see sufficiently, not only do you need to be able to see where you are going, but you need to take extra precautions in the winter weather and watch for icy spots on the road, and watch the other drivers.
  3. Emergency equipment:
    You should always keep emergency equipment in the trunk of your vehicle. Besides a spare tire, and a jack, some other things such as: blankets, emergency kit with road side flares and etc., water, a few perishable foods (most of this is in case you were stranded).
    It’s a good idea to keep a bag of sand to spread around the tires in case you were stuck. Also keep a flash light, batteries, shovel, an ice scrapper, extra gloves and a hat and scarf in the trunk.
  4. Take care of your radiator:
    Keep winter anti-freeze in your radiator throughout the winter months. Without proper anti-freeze your heater will not function properly, and you will not have any heat.
  5. Fill that gas tank:
    In the winter months always keep at least a half a tank of gas (full if possible). You would need to run the vehicle some to keep warm if you get stranded. Also, it takes a little more gas than normal in the winter months when you are going against snow and ice. And your gas can freeze up if there is only a small amount in the tank.
  6. Your windshield:
    Your windshield will get a lot of snow, ice , and debris through the winter, that is why you need the windshield washer solvent kept filled.
  7. Air those tires:
    Your tires will lose approximately one pound of air pressure each time the temperature drops five degrees. You will need to make sure to always keep the right amount in them.
  8. Four wheel drive:
    A four wheel drive vehicle, along with electronic stability control, and the anti-lock brake system does enhance the stability of the vehicle, under no circumstances should this replace having good winter tires. The tires are to give you traction during the handling of your vehicle, when you step on the gas and the brake.
  9. Cell Phone:
    Always carry a cell phone on the roads in the winter so you will be able to call for assistance.
  10. Use your seatbelt:
    Buckle up for safety and always adjust your mirrors and seats before taking off.

Following these tips will help ensure you have a safe winter driving season

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