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learn to pass your G1 driving testAre you getting ready to take your very first Ontario driver’s exam? Or perhaps you are being required to retake the test after a recent suspension. The road rules and licensing exams in Ontario are constantly being revised and updated from year to year. Be prepared in advance. Take practice tests online with

This is a great tool for both first-time and experienced drivers. Getting our very first driver’s license is a very important step towards becoming an adult. With a driver’s license comes an increased sense of freedom and maturity along with a higher level of responsibility to our future passengers and to the other drivers on the road. These feelings of excitement and anticipation can be very overwhelming once we actually sit down to take the final exam. Being prepared in advance makes the entire examination process much, much easier and far less intimidating.

Know what to expect!

What if you were about to take a very important math test that would determine 100% of your passing grade for the school year? Would you be nervous? Wouldn’t it be easier if you had the test questions given to you weeks or even months before you sat down to take the test? That’s what we provide our students here at We not only give you the test questions, but we also give you the answers!

Know your road signs!

Did you know that a great many of the driver’s test questions will ask you to identify images of road signs? The official exam will show you a picture with four possible answers for you to choose from, each of them very similar in wording to the next. It only takes a few wrong answers to score a failing grade.   And since our road sings in Ontario often have no wording on them whatever, selecting the correct answer can be far more challenging than we might think, especially if we are a little anxious or nervous. Be prepared in advance by taking our practice exams on!

Know the laws!

Many first-time testers of the Ontario driver’s exam are surprised to learn that many of the questions asked on the test are not about driving at all. For example, do you know how much time you are allowed to change the address on your driver’s license after you move to a new home or head off to college? What are the legal ramifications if you are caught driving with a suspended license? What should you do if a tire blows out while you are driving on the highway? We’ll give you all of the test questions in advance when you study and practice for your Ontario driver’s exam with!

Know the proper ways to interact with the examiner!

Did you know that there are some secret “tips and tricks” which will help you score a higher passing grade with the driving portion of the test? We’ll give you secret information about what to wear, what kind of car to drive, how to talk to the exam instructor, what type of testing routes you will be expected to drive, and how to properly ask questions of the examiner. gives you all the secret information that traditional driving schools often leave out of the curriculum, getting you prepared to ace the Ontario Driver’s Exam on the very first try!

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